Smoke, Spice, & Everything Nice

At Smoke Dem Bones, we invite you to savour our award-winning BBQ and sauce. Find us on the road this summer at the best events in British Columbia serving up mouth watering BBQ. 

Smoke Dem Bones BBQ was formed over a passion of cooking good food.

Cooking low and slow is a blissful art. It’s a chance to unwind, slowing down from life’s rush to focus on one delicious task. The payoff? Amazing food and a serene mind.

We love the thrill of competing in BBQ competitions. It’s tough work, pushing your cooking skills to the limit, but winning awards among top BBQ masters? Totally worth it! We’re the ones who stay up all night, fire-tending and perfecting our BBQ, all for that sweet victory trophy. Not everyone’s up for the challenge, but we sure are!

Champions of the Grill

At Smoke Dem Bones, we’re not just about making BBQ; we’re about making history with our award-winning ribs and sauces. 

Award Winning Ribs

The secret lies in our unique blend of spices, the slow and loving smoking process, and, of course, our dedication to using only the finest quality meats. Every rack of ribs that comes out of our smoker is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Sauce that sings

Our sauce is a harmonious blend of sweet, tangy, and spicy elements, creating a symphony of flavors that perfectly complements our tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs. Each batch of sauce is carefully crafted to ensure the right balance of flavors that elevates the taste of our BBQ to award-winning standards.